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Who we are ?

TheCodingMachine accompanies its clients on technology consulting and auditing , as well as web application development projects. We specialize in developing websites , extranets , intranets and business web applications in PHP and JavaScript.
Founded in 2005, TheCodingMachine has flown more than 300 projects .
We work for both large private and public accounts for SMEs than for startups.
We invested since our inception in R & D, which is allowing us to be at the forefront of web technologies (PHP, Node.JS , AngularJS , video streaming etc.).

How does it work ?

Coders is a collaborative platform of developers created by TheCodingMachine. Its purpose is to distribute the development components to the candidate developers from all over the world.
This implies share upon quality standards and delivery.
Thanks to the high development skills of developers, we use technologies such as a custom framework (Mouf-php), AngularJs and NodeJs.
This collaboration is relevant to the developers because they learn a lot about web development beyond the attractive remuneration. As soon as developers win a component, they get in the Coders team of TheCodingMachine. If youwork with us on several projects, you will be trusted and asked to be involved in larger projects.
We will offer you the opportunity to develop more complex components and you will earn better financial gains.