Régie Denis - Osmose Week12


   From 2019/03/15 to 2019/03/22
Common app-select component; round values on Dashboar Operational page (1 hr) Mission form: fix scroll problem; new styles for bottom buttons; fix Organization facturation select (0,75 hrs) Site form: Change input for 'Montant de la prestation'; fix atlas number on creation (0,75 hrs) Checkbox bug for 'select all' (0,5 hrs) Dashboard: alert models; fetch alerts data; redirect to list logic (3,5 hrs) Dashboard: styles and front logic for Alert panel (3,5 hrs) List header (sort butttons) (0,75 hrs) Login form: order number for inputs on Tab button press (0,25 hrs) Modal fade bug (0,5 hrs) Add arrow for multiselects (0,5 hrs) Dashboard: fix content width after fold/unfold menu in Firefox (0,5 hrs) Dashboard: fix Operatioal counter (0,5 hrs) Site form: fix user relais list and save method (0,5 hrs) Site list: fix blinking for alerts (0,5 hrs) Add logic for Appointemtnt Taken status for Calls: back and front (0,5 hrs) Change logic for hide/show affecter buttons; fix textareas (0,5 hrs) Change logic for hide/show submenu (0,5 hrs) Dashboard: change kpi Avancement de projet (0,75 hrs) Dashboard: compare start and end dates in the filter (0,25 hrs) Fix 'error' styles; check Mission bfor bottom buttons styles (0,75 hrs) fix logic and styles for breadcrumbs (2,5 hrs) Site atlasNumber as a default value for Mission form (1,5 hr) Site form: fix 500 error on site creation (0,25 hrs) Dashboard: fix input styles; fix JS error (0,5 hrs) Dashboard: fix menu active status; fix CI error for adress column (1 hr) Move breadcrumbs; search functionality; disable some menu tab; amount input (3,5 hr) New modal form styles (0,5 hrs) *Total: 27 hrs*


Project description

Develop project management tool

Denis would like to develop this component (available now).